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[docs]class TorchExpoModule: """ Base class for all PyTorch models Args: model: Pretrained model which is used for conversion model_name: Name of the model model_example: Example tensor used as example input while extraction """ def __init__(self, model, model_name, model_example): if model is None: raise Exception("model is required") if model_name is None: raise Exception("model name cannot be empty") if model_example is None: raise Exception("model example is required") self.model_name = model_name self.model = model self.model.eval() self.model_example = model_example self.file_name = self.get_extracted_file_name()
[docs] def get_extracted_file_name(self): """Returns file name for output""" return self.model_name.lower().replace(" ", "_").replace("-", "")
[docs] def print_message(self, output_type): """ Prints message Args: output_type: Name of the output format used for printing """ print("Extracting model {} in {} format".format(self.model_name, output_type))
[docs] def extract_onnx(self, opset_version=None): """ Extracts model in ONNX format Args: opset_version: Opset version used while ONNX conversion """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def extract_caffe2_mobile(self): """Extracts model in Caffe2 Mobile format""" self.print_message("caffe2 mobile") raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def extract_torchscript(self): """Extracts model in TorchScript format""" raise NotImplementedError
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