Q: Do I need to have a GPU machine for extraction of output in torchscript or ONNX format? No, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to download the pre-trained models and run the conversion smoothly.

Q: Does the TorchExpo project support models developed by individuals? No, not at this point. We are however looking at ways to better support the community. If you have suggestions or inputs, please reach out to the maintainers.

Q: How do I contribute code to the project? Please also see the TorchExpo Contributor Guide for contribution guidelines.

Q: What if i would like to deliver a PyTorch tutorial at a conference or otherwise? We encourage community members to showcase their work wherever and whenever they can. Please reach out to for more technical support.

Q: What if I am a company looking to use TorchExpo for development, can I be granted or purchase a seat to drive the project direction? No, the TorchExpo project is strictly driven by the maintainer-driven project philosophy and does not have a board or vehicle to take financial contributions relating to gaining influence over technical direction. However you can contribute to the technical improvments like others.

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